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The Arctech 4-Step Process

With our 4-step process, the Arctech Accelerate team will be with you every step of the way. Here’s what our client intake process looks like.




Client Funding Summary


Funding Strategy and Action Plan​


Launch Project

Step 1: Consultation

The Arctech Accelerate team learns your business goals and obstacles.

The main objective of the consultation step is for us to get to know your organization better. We want to learn about your unique business needs and identify areas where we can assist you in meeting your business goals. During this step, our team will work with you to determine your organization’s capacity for dedicating time and collaboration efforts to any given project. We will have you fill in our Client Intake form, which, when completed, provides us with a thorough understanding and analysis of your organization’s desired outcomes to help us serve you better.

Step 2: Creating a customized client funding summary

Arctech Accelerate provides you with a personalized funding summary.

Once we have received your completed Client Intake form, we will prepare a comprehensive, customized, client funding summary based on the unique needs and challenges identified during the consultations. The summary will present you with a comprehensive list of opportunities available to your organization across a variety of funding categories, from both the public and private sectors.

Step 3: Developing a Funding Strategy and Action Plan

Arctech Accelerate develops a funding strategy and action plan unique to your organization.

Following the review of the client funding summary, Arctech Accelerate will create a strategy— using funds stacking solutions—to allow your organization to maximize the funds available to you across all streams. Based on your desired time frame and ability to contribute to any given project, identified in step 1, we will provide you with a custom action plan designed to fit your organization’s capacity.

Step 4: Putting the plan into action

The Arctech Accelerate team puts the plan into action to help achieve business goals.

Once the Funding strategy is formulated and your team is prepared to proceed, it is time to leverage our expert grant and tender application writing services. Our team works closely with you throughout this process to ensure the highest probability of a successful application.

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