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Client Funding Summaries

Client funding summaries are customized funding reports curated by the Arctech Accelerate Team based on the answers received in our Client Intake form. The summaries feature a list of all municipal, provincial, and federal funding opportunities that may be applicable to your organization, including current and future grants, government or private contracts, venture capital investments, or strategic partnerships. They are streamlined for high readability, providing only the necessary information to you.

The Value Of Client Funding Summaries

The client funding summaries allow the Arctech Accelerate team to develop an action plan of grant stacking strategies. Through an in-depth, bilateral review with you, we are able to develop an action plan unique to your organization’s needs and resource allocation capacity. The plan lays out the funding opportunities available over the span of a year, allowing you to maximize potential funding and focus on highest value opportunities applicable to you now, and in the future.

Process matters when it comes to maximizing funding, therefore having a strategic action plan is key. For example, there are Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) commercialization grants available in large sums, however, if you were to accept one of these grants and begin commercializing prior to submitting an Innovative Solutions Canada’s Testing Stream application, your organization could be disqualified.

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Grant Writing

Grant writing is the process of completing the application to private and public sector programs that can offer financial aid to help your organization reach its goals.

How We Help You

Effective fundraising is a fundamental challenge that affects many organizations, and grant submissions are extensive processes that can be complicated and time-consuming. By working with Arctech Accelerate, you can alleviate this weight from your regular business operations.

Our expert grant writers will ensure that your funding application addresses the key value points that review boards look for, and will qualify your organization across technological, socio-economic, demographic, and public policy levels.

Our goal is to highlight the unique attributes that set your organization apart within your application.

Our Promise To You

Arctech Accelerate prides itself in having a diverse team of experienced grant writers, and we guarantee that you will be matched with one or more who specialize in the specific sector and topic of your chosen funding program.

Our team has an over 80% approval rate due to our thorough vetting process. We aim to foster strong and honest relationships with clients, so that our collaboration can continue to prosper in the long run. Having a better understanding of your organization allows us to accurately represent you on paper, and inversely, advise you should we have reason to believe that you are not eligible for an application.

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Venture Capitalist

Venture capitalists (VC) are private equity investors, meaning they provide funding to businesses they perceive as having high growth potential, in exchange for an equity stake.

How We Help You

If private investment is of interest to your organization, we, at Arctech Accelerate can offer you access to a private network of elite venture capital investors, who have interests in a variety of client profiles, whether it be start-ups, small and medium sized businesses, or large-scale enterprises.

We will support organizations—that meet our internal criteria for growth prospects—through the vetting process, including creating and reviewing pitch materials and budget proposals. While we can’t ultimately make investment decisions for the VC, we can ensure that your organization is well-positioned to present a strong case to potential investors.

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Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credit (SRED)

Catax in partnership with Arctech Accelerate may assist Canadian businesses to recover sunk costs through a largely unknown government incentive program that works in the form of reimbursement on business expenditures, called the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program.

The reimbursement is pulled from specific expenditure categories such as payroll & labour, third-party consultants & contractors, and wasted material in the development/problem solving of a product, process or approach. Catax and Arctech Accelerate work on a contingency basis, meaning they are only paid if they are successful in finding their client money through this government incentive.

Businesses can claim back as much as 40% of their expenditure related to a qualified project and can claim back as far as two fiscal years.

Catax has been doing R&D claims for over 13 years, has worked with north of 15,000 clients and has a dedicated in-house staff of 120 professionals to make the claiming process easy and efficient.

Industrial Technological Benefits (ITB)

Under the ITB Policy, companies awarded defence procurement contracts are required to undertake business activities in Canada, equal to the value of the contract. The ITB Policy applies to all defence and major Canadian Coast Guard procurements over $100 million when procurements are exempt or excluded from international trade agreements. All eligible defence procurements with contract values between $20–100 million are reviewed for the use of value propositions (VP’s), which determines whether the application of a VP is consistent with achieving the appropriate balance between capability, cost and benefit to Canada. 

What We Do

Arctech Accelerate will leverage its network of strategic partners to help connect organizations who have outstanding commitments through the ITP Policy, with organizations that offer products or services that add value to the holder of the obligations. Ensuring that each partner receives a win-win arrangement, the holder of the obligations is able to receive valuable deliverables and reduce their commitment load, and their partner organization receives a lucrative sales opportunity, funding for research and development, or a variety other complimentary arrangements. 


Arctech Accelerate’s ITB Workflow  


  1. Determine the Industry Domain that best fits the innovation: Air, Land, Marine, Cyber


  1. Determine the Client and Innovation’s Canadian Content Value (CCV): This a competitive advantage. Will be critical in identifying matches with Prime Contractors for or for Prime Contractors to fulfill their CCV obligations after the contract has beenawarded


  1. Understand Key Industrial Capabilities (KICS): Where the client’s service or product best fits. Will be used to position the organization in discussion with bidders and contractors. 


  1. Identify who the top bidders are in the client’s target market


  1. Investigate if they need specific credentials or certifications (Eg.Controlled goods)


  1. Visit the DND’s Defense Capabilities Blueprint Webpage and browse by KICSin order toidentify projects that fall within the Client’s industry domains and the firm’s capabilities.  
  2. Set Meetings with Reginal Development Agencies (RDA’s) for matchmaking opportunities and engage with Global Affairs Canada Trade Commissioner Service. 


  1. Simultaneouslymake contact withPrime Contractors to gauge interest and begin discussions 


  1. Register company with online vendors for upcoming tenders

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