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Initial Steps

TRL and SRL is a scale from 1-9 which the Canadian Government uses to understand which stage of development your Innovation is currently at, and at different stages of development, you will have different contract available to you. For example, if you are in the earlier stages of your TRL or SRL you may be eligible to apply for what are known as Government Challenges, whereas if you already possess a working prototype, you are able to solicit to the Federal Gov’ directly for your first contract as a testing partner through the ISC-Testing stream. Lastly, if you are market ready, we can match you with Government Tenders and/or private contracts that are seeking your product or service.

Our specialists are here to help with tender procurements, tender writing, government standard offers, and government bid writing.  

Government Challenges

Amidst rapid market development and evolving technological trends, the Government of Canada, like all industries, faces various obstacles. To effectively tackle these obstacles, the Government of Canada will call on Canadian innovators and small businesses to find and bring forward solutions through participating in ‘challenges’. The benefits of these challenges are two-fold; on the one hand, the Government is given a cutting-edge solution, while on the other, the successful innovator receives significant support and funding for their work.

How We Help You

Arctech Accelerate provides consultative services to help your organization secure Government challenges from proposal and application writing, budgetary review, and strategic partnership management.    

Our team helps you with Government Challenges.

Innovation Solutions Canada’s (ISC) Testing Stream

The Innovation Solutions Canada (ISC) testing stream is a government-run program, which offers Canadian innovators the opportunity to obtain a contract with the Government of Canada to pilot pre-commercial products and services. To be eligible for this program, the innovation must fulfill the program criteria, which includes being a working prototype.

How We Help You

Arctech Accelerate provides consultative services to help your organization secure a contract within ISC’s testing stream. Using our rigorous qualifying process, we will help ensure that both your innovation and your team are well-positioned to compete, and inversely, advise you should we have reason to believe that you are not eligible to apply. Our current approval rate is over 80%. 

Let us help to secure contracts for your organization!

Private Contracts

Securing a network of trusted service providers and partners is key to running a successful business. Collaborating with organizations with whom you can provide bilateral support and build a strong network, will strengthen your business.

How We Help You

Obtaining a valuable private contract begins with finding the right organization to partner with. Arctech Accelerate will give you access to our extensive network of specialized organizations and partners. We take it a step further by referring clients who mutually satisfy their respective criteria to each other, with the goal of sparking profitable collaborations. Additionally, we regularly monitor procurement portals such as MERX for business opportunities that match your organizational profile. We recognize that timing is important in business, so by informing you of new opportunities as soon as they become available, we help ensure that you’ll stay ahead of your competition.    


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