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Arctech Accelerate

Launched in 2018 in the nation’s capital, Arctech Accelerate is a national leader in the grant writing, business development, and lobbying sectors, representing organizations across a variety of industries. With a team of robust team consisting of PHD’s, MBA’s and professionals, backed by a wealth of experience, Arctech Accelerate is able to provide effective solutions to our clients’ projects, whether it be for grant writing, contract procurement, strategic partnerships, and more.

Some industries we have worked with include:

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Meet the team

Tarig Abdellatief

President/Proposal & Funding Specialist

As the President of Arctech Accelerate, Tarig’s main duties revolve around creating business plans, overseeing day-to-day activities, improving performance, developing organizational culture, supervising projects and management, as well as directing organizational strategy.

Tarig is a strategist of all trades, including grant writing, strategic partnerships, and contract acquisitions, to name a few. He partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. After nearly a decade of experience working in business development and marketing for multimillion dollar companies, Tarig knows what truly drives conversations, clear visions, and full scope action plans —and it’s not a matter of simply following trends, it’s about the human angle, and how well you can connect with the audience you’re trying to communicate with. Coming from a Business Management background at McMaster University and having continued his studies at Carleton University—where he developed a deep interest in Lasers and Photonics—Tarig is well-versed in both the technical and creative ends of commerce. Tarig has landed contracts, grants, and an impressive range of other opportunities for clients both in the private, and public sectors across Canada.

Michelle Muir

Proposal & Funding Specialist

Michelle’s main duties include leading all research and content creation for writing successful grant applications. Michelle also creates proposals for financial grants allocated by government departments, companies, foundations, and trusts.

A highly motivated and bilingual professional business women, Michelle specializes in writing complex requests for funding (grant applications), and Request for Proposal responses. With 15+ years of industry experience writing proposal responses and managing contracts, Michelle is uniquely aware of the time sensitive nature of the bidding process. Michelle will work quickly with clients to identify bid requirements, resource requirements, and risk factors. Once bidding qualifications are confirmed, Michelle will work closely with clients and resources to ensure a strong proposal with a high win probability.

Colin Brown

Advisor - Proposal and Funding Specialist

Colin’s main duties include advising and strategizing with companies to help with identifying opportunities, planning, and even business development activities.

Colin’s vast experience allows him to offer clients an in- depth understanding of political, social, environmental, and economic dynamics, and help them leverage various opportunities for the development of their operations. His career has taken him across the globe, from being a member of the Canadian Forces Naval Reserve, to working as a field researcher and program collaborator for projects such as the National Rural Sanitation Program in Brazil, and a study of similar nature in the European Union. Colin also worked as the advisor to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation for over 4 years, where he assisted in developing research, drafting reports and diplomatic communications, and managing public outreach activities. He has co-authored several articles in peer-reviewed journals focusing on law, policy, and social practices in relation to water and sanitation services worldwide. Colin obtained a master’s degree from the Université de Toulouse II (France) in Environmental Policies and Social Practices, and an honour’s undergraduate degree from McMaster University (Canada) in Political Science and Sociology. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Guy de Montigny

Consultant, Head of Government Contract Acquisitions/Procurement

Guy oversees and evaluates proposals and bids for contractual agreements, as well as negotiation terms between the private sector and the Government of Canada.

In addition to being the Arctech Accelerate’s consultant for Government procurements, Guy is also the CEO and founder of Solution Xplus, a company that supports other organizations in preparing their applications to the Innovation Solution’s Canada Testing Stream. His extensive former experience includes overseeing Business Development for Canada at FormVerse ™ (now Autocene), and at The AIM Group. He also co-founded SageTea Group and MaxSys Staffing, where he was Vice- President in both organizations. Guy also worked as an international consultant for the United Nations in Madagascar for their Development Programme (UNDP). Guy’s academic background is in engineering, which led him to fulfilling job opportunities in that field at the start of his professional career.

Nick Marengere

Advisor, Digital Projects

Nick is the advisor for all digital projects at Arctech Accelerate.

Nick is a web strategist and entrepreneur based in Ottawa, Ontario. His expertise is in the field of fundamental targeted advertising, user experience, and sales psychology. In his over 12 years of experience, he has had the opportunity to work with some of the best independent businesses and corporations, which has gained him a wealth of knowledge in his field.

Darryl Bandoro

Advisor, Business Development

Darryl informs existing and potential clients on the services Arctech Accelerate provides, and refers them back to the team for their initial consultation meeting.

Darryl is a specialist in the design and implementation of specifically tailored tax-efficient private investment solutions. He is also registered to provide Exempt Market investments to the public as a Dealing Representative with STEVLOC Management Inc. With his experience in both the investing and lending sides of the financial industry, Darryl carries with him a powerful toolkit of knowledge, solutions, innovative strategies, connections, and expert advice for companies and individuals seeking to invest in, or obtain private capital.

Bernie Franzgrote

Advisor, Business Development

Bernie informs existing and potential clients on the services Arctech Accelerate provides, and refers them back to the team for their initial consultation meeting.

In addition to being and advisor for Arctech Accelerarte, Bernie is also the CEO of Kreativ Insights which provides support to businesses and bridging a network of specialists for the desired results. Bernie is also a member of the following groups: Ottawa Board of Trade, GR Business Network, Phoenix Business Exchange, and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Ottawa. Bernie’s areas of focus include, but are not limited to, funding and project support, working on Internet of Thing projects, connecting resources across different diverse networks; Integrating business to business enhanced services and develop new relationship streams.