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Funding Solutions

Explore the wide range of funding solutions available for your small or medium sized enterprise (SME). You may be eligible for a variety of different grants that are offered to small businesses through the Government of Canada at a municipal, provincial, or federal level.

Consulting Services

As an organization or company, the types of challenges you may experience can vary greatly, ranging from new business strategies, internal process, market strategies, and more. Our business consulting services will assist and guide your organization towards quickly and effectively solving a broad range variety of business issues.

Our team and tools will enable your company minimize or primitively prevent any future disruptions to you business or operations as well as identifying new opportunities and how to best capitalize on them.

Contract Acquisition

As an owner of a Canadian SME you may have a variety of different contracts available to you depending on the current Technology Readiness Level (TRL) or SRL (Solution Readiness Level) of your product or service.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships can be beneficial for the procurement of contracts, funding solution, as well as to ensure successful project delivery. In business there are often instances when a company or organization wishes to apply for a particular grant or gov’ tender, however, they may not possess all of the eligibility criteria to do so.

Through a strategic partnership, two or more companies may partner or join together in order to combine their resources so that they can access funding or contracts that neither can separately. It is an excellent method for creating synergy and partnerships between applicable organizations.

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Archtech Accelerate is a national leader in grant writing, business development and lobbying sectors, representing organizations across a variety of industries.

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